Pruning Tuition

Formative Pruning Tuition £15/session - Jan/Feb'17


No lectures, reading or diagrams; one-to-one tuition on real Apple and Pear trees with their own individual needs.

Formative Pruning is important in young trees if you want productive growth. The idea is to stimulate a strong structural framework with well-spaced and balanced limbs and an open head. This reduces the chances of disease and maximises the productivity of fruit bearing limbs (where you can reach them). This is usually done over Winter, while the trees remain dormant.

There seems to be a lot of confusion about pruning - what to do and why? Real trees rarely look like the illustrations in books and robotically following rules can do as much harm as good. A practical way to become confident in pruning is with direct tuition, i.e. practical demonstration by the tutor followed by supervised practice. There's no reading, handouts or theory presentation, just practical.

Our community orchard, now 5 years old, provides an ideal facility for such practical tuition. Contact Crispin Adams of to book an appointment (Jan/Feb 2017 only). Like most activities on the farm, the sessions are weather dependent.